The Postmodern Critique of Free Will

14 Jun

Free Will and the Postmodern Critique:  The Deconstruction of Choice

More on the Free Will issue …


Here are some more pieces on the free will issue by John Landon, Jerry Coyne, and John Horgan.  I’m glad people are having this discussion on the matter.  But I remain convinced that unless supporters honestly address the objections-to and critiques-of  free will in their own considerations, then we’ll never get any further than Debating 101 and the rudimentary basics of choice/determinism in our exploration of the topic.  We have”choice” – but we also live in a very determinate world.

Unless, we can frankly account for both, without skewering the laws of physics and other scientific principles in the process, we’ll never truly understand “Freedom” or “Choice” as ideas.

Therefore, to that end, here are some additional pieces on the question.  They cover the Postmodernist critique of free will, choice, and the self.  I hope people find them helpful.


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