Long Live Metaphysics!

6 Jul

Darwinism is Dead!  Long Live Metaphysics!

Thanks to Darwiniana.com for pointing out these pieces.

So Darwinism is dead now, is it?

Without spending too much time expounding on these kinds of death pronouncements for social movements & intellectual traditions, let me ask a question?  What’s its replacement or successor paradigm? … Metaphysics?  If so, then it is no more useful a substitute to the contended reductionism of Darwinian evolutionary theory than phrenology would be to contemporary neuroscience in understanding the complex dynamics of the brain.  Intelligent Design fails to explain how life as we know it today arose from the beginnings it did.  Creation Science before it also failed the evolutionary biology test.  Now we’re expected to think I.D. can still do the job or that other religious, metaphysical systems can do it?  … This is no more helpful than Wall Street bankers (post-Bailout) advising the Federal Government on how to fix the U.S. Economy.

But, again, what else would you expect in this day and age? If we are in the midst of a Fifth Great Awakening or religious revival, one that’s taking place on a global, cross-cultural scale, then maybe these occurrences aren’t such a big surprise.  Maybe, they are just appearing on schedule? … Still, there’s not much in these metaphysical, religious revivals that’s worth getting excited about.

Not much more than ‘more of the same.’  More religionist ideology, more gnosticism, and more metaphysical presuppositions about the world, without an inch of real interplay either with the world of Science as a subject or with traditional Epistemology.

As I said, ‘Darwinism is Dead!  Long Live Metaphysics!’


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