Fixing the Economy: What’s the Solution? …

28 Sep

Fixing the Economy:  What’s the Solution?  Prophetic Fixes or Modern, Secular Ones?


Ezekiel 18:1-4, 25-32: Prophetic Vision for a Just Economic Future:  Ezekiel speaks compellingly to the current situation in the United States. … The society the prophet addresses suffers from a severe lack of perspective. It knows God’s standards. These appear in the verses our Lectionary passes over, Ezekiel 18:5-24.


John Landon Writes: 

I find this perspective a bit ludicrous, and also seriously at risk of backfiring as a reactionary gesture.

To have to cite Ezekiel to promote economic justice is alarming: have we no better inspiration? I grant, and find fascinating, that the Prophets sounded a new note in history, next to the Buddhists, and the Greek democrats, and others. But their gesture was pretty thin soup.  In any case, to cite the prophets for a liberal cause is a sign that cause will be defeated by conservatives. Best to move on beyond religious pats on the back making it OK for religious thumbsuckers to pretend they are liberals.


I agree with this prognosis.  The view being advanced by Carey is a bit absurd.  It’s a reactionary perspective to modern life, and yet it’s being to used to champion a neo-Progressive agenda re: the world.

Just goes to show you the times we live in.

Things must be crazy indeed to have to cite the OT Prophets as a corrective to our current problems, and on the part of the progressive Left, when it’s just that very religious vision that entrenched conservative culture and corporate capitalism in the first place.

Regardless, it’d be better to have a more modern, secular vision to draw from in fixing the economy.

But in drawing on this almost apocalyptic, Prophetic literature as the solution to our present troubles … this only bespeaks just how messed up our current social-economic system actually is that one has to look to archaic, Iron Age-style religious remedies to repair it.

The question (now) is what happens next … Will the economy be truly fixed or will its falling apart plunge us into a new dark age?  And if it can be fixed, by whom and through what?

I doubt the conservative-libertarian fixes of the Tea Party or
the Ron Paul types are going to help us here.

Yet, I honestly wonder whether liberal fixes (ala Obama’s proposed Buffett tax) are going to help either; band-aids I’m afraid on a major injury where you need surgery instead.

Maybe it is time to revisit Glass-Steagall (and other economic/financial policies of the FDR era).  …

Representatives Marcy Kaptur and Maurice Hinchey seem to
think it is.  Take a look …


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