Freedom and Freethought

10 Feb

Freedom and Freethought: Hand in Hand against the Establishment

In my last post, you may have noticed I associated the ideas of free-thinking with Freethought. That wasn’t a mistake on my part.  There is no freedom of thought without Freethought. Similarly, I’d argue there’s no freethought without the idea of Freedom.

Here’s why I say this:

First of all, what is freedom (of thinking) without knowledge and reason.  There is no reality or truth apart from the way things really are; therefore if we are to have any real, viable views about the world, they must be formed on the basis of science and reason.

However, what stands against it?  Namely, established dogmas of authority and tradition. Therefore, freethinkers stand up against the authoritarianism of traditional [religious] culture and its oligarchical belief systems.  They believe people should be able to think for themselves, and in the light of evidence and reason, without the interference of dogmatic systems.

That is why I’d argue Freethinking is at the heart of the anti-Establishment position.  What is the Establishment? … Namely, it’s the dogma of the authoritarian position itself and its grounding in the authority of dogma (i.e. accepted cultural traditions of economic and social power) .  Therefore, freedom of thought drives at the heart of humanist Freethinking.

That’s why humanists should be at the forefront of mass movements like Occupy Wall Street  As Freethinkers, we know what the Establishment position is all about.  So if you want to stop the Establishment and push it out of power, you chip away at its legitimacy for holding such power (i.e., its basis for authority)(and its dogmatic underpinnings).

Do that and you restore for people the right and the capacity to think for themselves.


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