Evolution and the Environment

11 Feb

Evolution and the Environment:  The LaRouche Movement Channels Vladimir Vernadsky on Evolution

Darwin Day’s almost here (Feb. 12) and with it the usual parade of controversy over Natural Selection and what “evolution” means.  Not surprising:  the debate is ongoing as creationists and IDists try to convince the public yet again that evolutionary biology is bunk and design theory deserves a place at the scientific table and in official public discussion.  Whether or not you believe in Darwin critique,  it doesn’t help to deny evolution and its biological fundamentals, no matter what you think about Darwin’s theory itself or people’s confusions of it. Evolution is a fact.  Get used to it.

Still, sometimes this controversy over what “evolution” entails gets interesting.  Take the material I noticed a couple of weeks ago.  Seems when we thought all’s been said and done on the Darwin/Evolution front, somebody else is out again with another zinger.  Sometimes it comes from a figure like Deepak Chopra; always interesting to read what he has to say about “evolution” and “consciousness.”  But, other times, it comes from other, largely unexpected quarters.

Enter the domain of  “Vladimir Vernadsky” on “evolution.”  The LaRouche team’s been running material on this for many months now in line with their public policy statements at LaRouchePac.com.

Now I leave it to evolutionists themselves to deal with the specifics of these pieces, but it seems to me there are at least two counts on which this discussion of “evolution” fails.  (1)  The way in which this material is set up to fundamentally contradict the Second Law of Thermodynamics and therefore established physical science.  (2)  the manner in which this material is being used to justify the anti-environmentalism of the LaRouche movement.

The problems here should be obvious. If the LaRouche people are truly interested in science and scientific advancement, then they should not be so willing to clearly contradict accepted scientific principles in physics and biology.  But more so, for their anti-green push and their plug for human technological development and progress at the cost of whatever happens to the environment being ‘that’s life’, they do their position no favors. That very cavalier attitude toward ecology is what produces accidents like the BP spill of 2010 in the first place, a disaster Lyndon LaRouche deplores for how it was handled in the cleanup.  When Industry adopts this kind of an anti-environmental mantra of ‘nature can handle it or nature be damned’, not only does the environment suffer but the world suffers too and with it human society.  Yet it’s the ideology of this very anti-environmental view that’s driving their perspective of “evolutionary progress” to begin with.  If you don’t get the basics of “evolution” right, you’ll never get “progress” right either.  And, when you deny the realities of basic science, ecology’s balances, and mankind’s inextricable place in that complex and finely weighted system, you’re not getting evolution right.  That’s that.

In any event, that’s their material on “evolution” via Vernadsky.  I invite you to comment on it below. Be sure to share it with other bloggers, and especially anyone who blogs on evolution issues.  It’s time this material got the attention and scrutiny it deserves.


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