Evolution: The Larger Perspective

11 Feb

John Landon provides more Darwin critique at Darwiniana.com.  While I don’t go along with questioning basic science or established evolutionary biology, I do appreciate John’s treatment of the larger topic and casting it in terms of the greater study of history.




Darwinists don’t know what evolution is (it is more than genetics)

Posted in General at 1:13 pm by nemo

(i.e. Darwinists on evolution)

Climbing Mt. Improbable

Coyne has a set of criticisms of a definition of evolution, but his views are as confused as those he critiques.

It is an extraordinary fact but trained Darwinists do not understand what evolution is!!!!.

To be fair, I am not fully sure myself what it is, but I have a ‘glimpse’, given by the eonic effect: ‘evolution’ is a set of developmental facts in a sequential pattern of organismic, cultural or other forms. Evolution is at a higher level than genetics, and is an abstract dynamic of development (probably teleological) that probably sets a kind of condition or attractor for microevolution to take over and respond to. The evolution of the Darwinists is thus not evolution at all, but the environmental adaptation of a potential form. Frankly, we don’t know how this works exactly. But the attempt to reduce evolution to genetics has produced endless confusion.


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