Power to the People …

22 Feb

Power to the People – Real People, Not Corporations

Corporation’s aren’t people. But when they’re legally defined as being so, it makes everyone else in society second class citizens.   Here’s a link to John Bonifaz discussing the political and social implications of the Citizens United case on Alternative Radio.  Hope you find it of use and interest.

To sign a petition protesting the Citizens United ruling, go to http://democracyisforpeople.org. Sign today, and stand up for democracyreal democracy and not corporate money in our democratic system. Power to the people and to real persons … not legal fictions in the guise of real people!


Fighting Corporate Personhood.  Program #BOJO002. Recorded in Northampton, MA on December 14, 2011.

Democracy, rule of the people, is in the ICU. The pulse, of the system of governance, begun in Athens, is fading. The Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision declaring corporations are people and money is free speech may be the deathblow. But galvanized citizens are saying, Wait a second. The game is not over yet. Activists trying to reverse Citizens United were greatly encouraged by the December 30, 2011 Montana Supreme Court decision to uphold that state’s century-old ban on corporate money in elections. The Montana ruling said, “With the infusion of unlimited corporate money in support of or opposition to a targeted candidate, the average citizen candidate would be unable to compete against the corporate-sponsored candidate, and Montana citizens, who for over 100 years have made their modest election contributions meaningfully count would be effectively shut out of the process.”


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