Religion? For Atheists? …

24 Feb

Religion?  For Atheists?  Buddhism?:  The Problem of New Age and Religious Buddhism


Religion?  For atheists?  Buddhism?  The problem here is – what do we mean by “religion?”  What manner of “atheism” are we talking about?  And, where does “Buddhism” … (what kind of ‘Buddhism’ in fact) … fit into all of this? … If we’re talking about concrete measures of living and practice, it’s all well and good … But if we’re talking about the kind of ethereal nonsense that’s been appended to eastern religions in the name of extraneous metaphysical doctrines and imported systems of meaning, then that’s not fine.  New Age Buddhism, Religious Buddhism is a mess … and it’s bound to mess up (i.e. ‘confuse’) anyone or anything associated with it.

Here’s Kevin Solway of Menoftheinfinite discussing the problem on Youtube.  … Tibetan Buddhism poses other problems.

So, in any event, that’s the issue at hand.  Solway, I think, touches in on the issues rather nicely.  Hope you find his material of use.



Religion for atheists? Consider buddhism….

Posted in General at 12:32 pm by nemo

It is almost beyond belief that none of these discussions ever mention Buddhism, or Jainism, prime cases of ‘religions for atheists’.


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