Affirming Humanity

28 Feb

Secularism and the Affirmation of Humanity

A wonderful quote from Mike at Inspirational Freethought … Robert G. Ingersoll on Secularism and humanistic values.  Not only excellent from the standpoint of ideas about freedom from religion, but also from the angle of affirming human worth and freedom in the face of authoritarian power structures as well.  A perfect statement of principles for the 99%.  Occupy should be getting a hold of this and running with it …


Secularism is the Religion of Humanity

What does it mean to be “secular”? Does it mean that you’re an anti-theist or even an atheist? No it doesn’t. The word “secular” originally meant a preoccupation with worldly, human affairs. It’s not just a denial of religion, but an affirmation of humanity. Robert G. Ingersoll explains:

Secularism is the religion of humanity, for it embraces the affairs of this world. It is interested in everything that touches the welfare of a sentient being. …


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