Doing “NAWAPA” Right

29 Feb

Doing NAWAPA right:  Environmental Concern should go hand-in-hand with Economic Development:


Programs like NAWAPA and Arctic Development are impressive and they’d most likely do our world economy quite a bit of good … But at what cost? … At the cost of corporate looting of the environment and its resources in the corresponding private initiatives of the project?  … At the cost of environmental damage?

If the BP oil spill accident is any indication, we can’t trust private, corporate industry to safeguard the global ecosystem and human interests.  When the environment’s at stake and the public good’s at stake, business can always be expected to look out for its own self interest and its profits … ignoring everything else … and thus reaping the consequences of what such an attitude brings about.

Lyndon LaRouche has said British Petroleum ought to have been expropriated and its assets nationalized after the disaster and the botched cleanup.  Why not before?  … Why even tempt fate on such an issue? Power companies and all manner of related business outfits ought to have been public enterprises from the start [if only at the local/regional level if not the Federal] and they still must be!  Or, if it’s felt they must be in private hands for fear of national Government, they should at least be held in public trust while retaining private ownership.  Only by doing that can we ensure environmental safety, human well being, and a thriving economy for us all in society.  By not doing so, we see the results. …

Want a real public service driver of industry and economic development?  Cater it to the environmental requirements of its ecosystems in question instead of just exploiting them like so much cannon fodder or cheap dirt to be stomped under foot.  If you know your activities are going to cause great damage or uproot and destroy plant and animal life in the process, don’t do them.  Find a way to do your program that best utilizes and highlights the unique characteristics of a given ecosystem rather than just chucking those factors out the window in the drive to accomplish your project.

An environmentally-friendly, nature-friendly, nature-intensive policy is the best policy of all.  That’s the real path to economic development.  That’s how to do NAWAPA right.


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