Against Oligarchy …

4 Mar

Against Oligarchy:  The Spirit of Democracy is what gave us the Heritage of the Common Law Tradition and eventually the U.S. System

It’s great the LaRouche Movement stands against the Oligarchical Principle in society and for the principles of human freedom, human progress, and the dignity of being human.  But where’s that belief in the power of the human spirit and the power of human brotherhood/sisterhood when it’s time for political choices to be made? … So people acting democratically in society don’t mean much? They need a strong leader/ruler to set down law and social precedent because they can’t?  All this talk itself is very reminiscent of the very culture of ‘oligarchical values’ and ‘wisdom from on-high’ they claim to be against.  If you believe in the power of the human spirit, then believe in the spirit of Democracy and democratic values.  It’s what gave us such things as Magna Carta and Habeas Corpus in the first place, and eventually gave birth to the American System of Government.


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