How to really fix Healthcare in America …

4 Mar

Medicare for All” and “Hill Burton”:  How to really fix the Healthcare System in America

Lyndon LaRouche touts Hill-Burton, et al, as a solution to the current healthcare crisis in the United States.  But is that going to be enough?  Why not pursue a plan of Medicare for All, as in the Common Dreams article below?  That, I believe, would be the better option in tandem with the other measures he raised in reply to President Obama’s healthcare agenda.  Short of it, I doubt LaRouche’s proposed program for restoring H-B and getting rid of HMO’s is going to make any real difference whatsoever beyond shoring up the current system.

DeMoro’s right!  “Medicare for All” is the “Real Cure for Obamacare.” …

These other measures, while certainly useful for building up and consolidating the infrastructure of the healthcare industry, aren’t going to address, in and of themselves, the root problem of the crisis – open and affordable access to it.  Only something like the Public Option Act or some manner of Universal Health Care service will do that.


Published on Wednesday, February 29, 2012 by Common Dreams – The Real Cure for “Obamacare”: Medicare for All

As court fight looms, healthcare crisis is far from over

by Rose Ann DeMoro


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