Religion “Tames” …

17 Mar

Religion “Tames” and frees you up … (for gurus).


Mike Mei nails it again on Inspirational Freethought.  Why should we pay religion even an ounce of respect for “tam[ing] natural impulses” when it’s one of the most wild operations going in human society?  Institutional religion is one thing, with its own plethora of irrationality and superstitions, but underneath it is a whole subterranean realm of occult groups, gurus, and enterprising bottom feeders trying to pull people into one new age sect or another.  Want proof of what happens in religion’s underbelly? … Visit John Landon’s The Gurdjieff Con and see for yourself.

Religion ‘tames people? … and ‘frees’ them (from themselves)?  Why then is the thrust of religion either at an institutional level or below it, always to rope people in and bind them up in metaphysics and the group-think/drone-like activities of the sect? …

If ‘religion’ really aims at “freeing” people, then it should embrace humanism, free-thinking freethought, and the progressive values of the modern world.  That’s how to liberate people, by giving them the means to make informed choices for themselves in life … not by netting them into the philosophical tangles and psychological dead-ends of the past.


When Religion Claims to Tame Natural Impulses

Often one hears from the religious (and from Christians in particular) that religion tames the natural state of the human. … If religion wants to tame us as natural people, then it has to start at the fundamental level. It has to demonstrate why it is correct outside of the realms of “personal experience” and other fallacious methods of inquiry. It has to demonstrate, and not merely assert, why it is morally superior. Even after hundreds or thousands of years, there is still work that they haven’t even started.


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