Unseating “FDR’s on Horseback”

19 Mar

Unseating “FDR’s on Horseback”


Louis Proyect has included a very interesting post in his blog entries for today.

Left Forum 2012 – After the Crisis, is a New New Deal Possible? Do We Want One?

Especially timely for me given my untempered praise for Roosevelt and FDR-style social programs over the past several weeks on this blog and elsewhere. Point taken!  Maybe there is a way out of these problems without looking for, as John Landon so aptly put it “FDR’s on horseback.” I still like Roosevelt and think his policies were good; but here’s the critique and the alternative, in case you think my posts up to this point were too one sided in favor of Roosevelt.



March 19, 2012 – Left Forum 2012 – Filed under: Left Forum — louisproyect @ 6:59 pm

The Left Forum is always a mixed bag but even if some panel discussions turn out to be duds, there is always enough there to warrant the time and money spent … To start with the best, After the Crisis, is a New New Deal Possible? Do We Want One? was just what I hoped it would be: a debunking of the FDR presidency in the spirit of chapter 13 of Howard Zinn’s “People’s History of the United States”.


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