Living the Dream, Standing Together

24 Mar

Living “the Dream”:  Standing together to bring about Real Change in the World.


Want to change the world?  Want to really stand up for the oppressed and the dispossessed in society?  Then be prepared to run into the social resistance and the institutional friction that comes with it.

The Palestinian-Arab-Israeli conflict didn’t happen overnight, nor did it occur in a vacuum.  It’s not some one-sided, black-and-white issue with a set of so-called “good guys” versus a group of apparent “bad guys” on the other side.  This is a complex ethnic and religious affair with plenty of goodness and badness to go around on all sides of the debate, be it the treatment of the Palestinians by Israel or the disrespect of Israelis and Jews by Arab nations and groups.

I really do empathize with the young lady in the AIPAC protest video as shown on Louis Proyect’s blog; she’s standing up for the Palestinians; but at the same time what’s to be done when the tables are then turned on Israel and the Jewish people? … Do we then accept Arab/Palestinian mistreatment of Jews and the suppression of dissent as a given when the roles have been reversed and it’s Israelis and Jews being mistreated as their defenders are being silenced? …  Of course we shouldn’t accept that.

The best solution here as I see it is what Mike’s laid out in his Inspirational Freethought post, “We’re All Dreamers” centered around a concert performance by Liel Kolet, Bill Clinton, and a chorus of Jewish and Arab children singing ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon on the occasion of Shimon Peres’s 80th birthday.  Forget about whether this performance seems cliché/socially contrived or not.  The important thing here is that Arabs, Jews, others stood together (if even only for a little while) in a common spirit of brotherhood and humanity and in spite of the differences that have kept their peoples apart over the years and over the ages.  They made a welcome gesture for change and the promise of the future.

Mike hits on the key principle behind the performance nicely in his remarks.  If you haven’t already done so, I hope you visit his post and watch the video.  It really is a remarkable tribute to standing together in human solidarity in spite of our differences (or even our supposed differences) as human beings.

That’s how we’ll finally be able to bring about real and lasting change for our world.


We’re All Dreamers – Sep 18 – Posted by Mike.

It couldn’t have been too long ago when Liel Kolet and Bill Clinton, along with 40 Jewish and 40 Arab children, sang “Imagine” together on stage.

I love this because they didn’t make the abusive mistake of labeling children a certain religion (i.e. Muslim) but instead described their ethnicity (“Jewish” refers not to the religion, I assume).

I also love it because secularism and a respect for all people is the only way we can survive on this earth. Secularism is humankind’s last hope for a world society that will in actuality and practice live on this earth in peace.

Indeed, let’s imagine there’s no religion. No promises from deities. No divine interventions in the Middle East real estate market. No chosen peoples, no covenants with gods. No prophets and revelations. Only us. Only here. Only tomorrow.


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