A Liberal Should Know Better …

27 Mar

A Liberal Should Know Better:  Fearing ‘for the Future’ of Liberal Secularists like Sam Harris.


Sam Harris “fears for the future of liberalism.”  I fear for the future secularism of liberals like Harris.  Alright, we get it. After 911, the world’s a dangerous place.  (It was dangerous before then, too, by the way).  But in his zealotry to go after Islam and fundamentalist religion, especially, non-Western varieties of that sort, Harris exposes himself to Western ethnocentrism and manipulations by the rightwing, culture war sort.

You needn’t be afraid for liberalism, Sam.  The Left will endure and even fight for what it needs to fight for in the world.  But it will not compromise on its ideals either, among those being its commitment to open-mindedness, belief in the basic at-heart goodness of people all over the world, egalitarianism, and a multicultural ethic.  Sam’s, and other secularists/atheists’, willingness to batten down the hatches culturally at home and go to war abroad with those who don’t believe the same sorts of things we do in the West is a page out of the reactionary, conservative playbook.  The Neo-conservatives and Republican Party play that card all the time.

A liberal should know better.  Harris, I’m afraid, is falling for the neocon-CON-job.

Watch out, Sam.  Fox News will be giving you a call soon to be a commentator for them if this keeps up.  Worse still, the Tea Party and its backers may take a liking to you. … Beware the Koch brothers!


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