Why fideism is so widespread in society …

3 Apr

Why Fideism and Credulity are so entrenched in Society Rather than Science and Reason


Sometimes when you get back from a long discussion with religious people, you wonder how creationism and scientific ignorance can still pervade so much of our society. I will continue to dedicate my life to helping people think freely, to reason critically, and to appreciate rational methods of inquiry like science.

Mike, Inspirational Freethought


How come religion, creationism, and premodern superstitions are still so pervasive in society while science and evolution are so sidelined and embattled in the mainstream?

Much of it comes down to what Walter Lippmann (and now Noam Chomsky) call “the manufacture of consent” or “Manufacturing Consent” (the title of a 1988 book by Chomsky and Edward S. Herman).  … “Religion” and “faith” make people more docile, controllable, and able to be swayed by elite opinion and the Establishment.

Here are Keryn Glasser, Martin Wagner, and Allan Campbell talking about the issue and Chomsky’s book on The Atheist Experience.

Hope you find it useful.


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