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Resuscitating the “Dream of Tomorrow”

11 Sep

RIP Neil Armstrong.  Our thoughts will always be with you whenever we look out at the moon at night or when we read/hear about Curiosity‘s latest sojourns on Mars.  May we always walk in your footsteps and never lose sight of the “dream” that’s before us.  … That’s our future; that’s our survival.


Resuscitating the “Dream of Tomorrow”:  Restoring the Mandate of NASA and Rescuing the American Economy


It’s time to resuscitate the “dream of tomorrow.”

Revamping the manned space program, getting NASA back on track, and renewing our commitment to space-based science and exploration … All these should be core goals of the United States if we’re to have any claim on the future and stake in its outcome.

Space X, whatever its strengths as a function of private enterprise, isn’t enough.  Only a publicly-funded, publicly-mandated space program will be …  If not, we might as well kiss our future goodbye, and give up on any promise of an economic recovery for American society.  For only by emphasizing such an industry-intensive, science-intensive mission as NASA’s original mandate can we hope to rescue our futures and restore the productive economy of the U.S.

Only by resuscitating the “dream of tomorrow” will we return again to the proverbial ‘days of American prosperity‘, and indeed renewed global prosperity.

The “dream” (of the future) is in our hands; but if we turn our backs on it, we’ll only be caught again in a bleak ‘present” and our ‘nightmares of the past.’

It’s time to step into our future instead


NASA’s Budget – Apr 26 – Posted by Mike.

NASA’s budget in 2012 is projected to be four-tenths of one single penny for every dollar we spend. The budget as percentage of total spending has not been this low since 1959.  How much would you pay for the Universe?

Neil deGrasse Tyson – We stopped Dreaming