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Our Choice …

26 Oct

So our choice is simple, do we choose a “Life Driven Purpose” or have the basis of our lives be determined by the mercies of a “Totalitarian God?” Do we choose the “path of the future” and the promise of our potential, or sink back into the “mire of the past” with its nightmares.  … Our decision!  Let’s hope we can make the right choice on this matter, because if we can’t we may not have any “future” left.


Life Driven Purpose – Sep 17

Posted by InspirationalFreethought.

Contrary to what silly preachers like Rick Warren say, our lives are not driven by a divine, imposed purpose from above. Rather, as Dan Barker says, we have a purpose that arises from the circumstances and experience of life itself, a “Life Driven Purpose.”

“There is more to the world that I can ever experience, by a wide margin.”

Disturbing …

25 Oct

Disturbing:  The Totalitarian “God” of Star Trek V:  A Metaphor for the Worst that Humanity has to Offer in Life


Are these videos disturbing to you? …  They should be! … (and they were to me the first time I saw this scene from Star Trek V: The Final Frontier).  This ‘god” here is a metaphor for the worst traits of the ‘God’ of the ‘Old Testament’ of the Bible:  a totalitarian thug that’s willing to stoop to the lowest levels of chaos and discord in order to maintain control and power over others.

This obviously is a metaphor for the worst that “religion” and the human spirit has to offer.  But it’s also a metaphor for authoritarianism, the “establishment perspective” in society, and the “oligarchical principle” of human culture over time in world history.  It’s a vision of life that fails to mind the freedom and dignity of other people in the world, that fails to take into account their consciences, their needs, their autonomy in favor of the elite view of civilization.

We see the fruits of this negative ‘god’ metaphor all about us in human experience through wars over religion, intolerance of others’ beliefs, and so forth.  We see it in the Rwandan genocide.  We’ve seen it in the oppressive regimes of Kim Jong-il and Kim Il Sung in North Korea.  We’ve seen in the Medieval Crusades, and the Spanish Inquisition.  … We’ve seen too much of it.

The time’s come to embrace something greater and better for ourselves in the world.  The spirit of humanism and liberal humanitarianism represents the best that humanity has to offer.  And it shines forth not only in the likes of modern humanists like Bertrand Russell and George Bernard Shaw, but in earlier philosophers and sages of the past like Socrates, Confucius, and Lao Tse.  It’s mastheads are the likes of Salman Rushdie, and in Ghandi, Nehru, and Mandela.

There’s a better way to live in human society.  We just need to be willing to set this ‘god’ of oligarchy and authoritarian values aside to do it.  For, if we don’t, we will be “struck down.”

Modern technology’s given us the ability to make “miracles” happen.  But it also contains the seeds of our own destruction (think thermonuclear warfare and armaments we have for waging it).  In the hands of this self-destructive potential we have for harming ourselves as human beings, we turn this “wrath of ‘god’” upon ourselves.

It’s time we choose a surer course instead, by taking on the “better angels of our nature” to quote from Abraham Lincoln and to reference the book by Steven Pinker of the same name.

(A World of) Uncreated Magnificence

24 Oct

When you live in universe of ‘chaotic’ complexity and ‘self-organization’ as science today understands these principles, you don’t need an intelligent designer to finely-tune creation. Nature and life comes to order on its own without the need for a separate designer and design.  The following two videos express this sentiment nicely.  Hope you enjoy them.

Global Warming is Real. There’s No Turning Back.

16 Oct


Global Warming is Real and There is No Turning Back


Global Warming is real.  There can be no denying it.  But where we go from there is an open question.

The indisputable fact is that climate change is happening.  What remains up in the air however is how human beings relate to it, what the actual contribution of people to the problem is, and how/if it can be fixed.

It’s happening.  That’s certain.  Average temperatures are increasing and we are beginning to see the effects in terms severe weather extremes, the polar ice caps melting, and the recording setting dry spells and droughts occurring in the United States and elsewhere this past year building up to today.

However, what’s the “cause?”  The “real” “cause” in a precise scientific and epistemological sense.  Not merely the “antecedent” or “conditional” of it, but the real “agency” or “dynamic” that’s actually making global warming and climate change happen.  It can’t be “humanity in the ontological sense” because global warming as we know it today didn’t always exist and we have the oft-mentioned data to prove it. And yet what kind of human activity would “cause” climate change?  The widespread, modern, industrial kind pumping out heat trapping chemicals like carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, that’s what.

And, yet, this still doesn’t completely address the “cause” question.  What “causes global warming?” The dynamic of heat-trapping chemicals reacting with the natural processes of our world’s ecosystem and its climatic cycles.  The dynamic itself is the true “cause” of “global warming” and its opposite number is in the effect of a warming atmosphere.

So why say this?  And am I just hairsplitting here?  … I’d say no.

The reason I’d say no is that only by identifying the actual and precise cause of global warming can we truly assess how to deal with the problem and take proper action to remedy it.

Humans/human activity are “precipitants” to modern global warming, but not its “cause” per se.  They are catalysts to an already finely balanced environmental system that doesn’t take too much as it is to be overtaxed.  Contemporary human beings by their activities and modern technology have overloaded the scales and tipped that balance in favor of global warming and the greenhouse effect.

There’s no quick-fix to climate change.  There no easy policy solution to global warming.  And to imagine we can simply “reverse” it and go back to some sort of golden age before contemporary times when we didn’t have this happening and before we industrialized, thereby ushering in a new better future for ourselves without the specter of humanly precipitated climate change/global warming, is far-fetched.

It’s not going to happen.  We’ll have discovered the legendary Fountain of Youth before it does.

In all likelihood, we won’t turn back the clock on global warming. Nor can we reverse course.  We’re stuck with it, and the we best we can do now is learn to live with it.  We’re going to have to learn to manage the consequences of climate change in our daily lives and for our societies and the greater world.  We’ll have to develop technologies for dealing with the fallout of climate change; but at this point the irrevocable damage is done.

Global Warming is real and there’s no turning back.