Disturbing …

25 Oct

Disturbing:  The Totalitarian “God” of Star Trek V:  A Metaphor for the Worst that Humanity has to Offer in Life


Are these videos disturbing to you? …  They should be! … (and they were to me the first time I saw this scene from Star Trek V: The Final Frontier).  This ‘god” here is a metaphor for the worst traits of the ‘God’ of the ‘Old Testament’ of the Bible:  a totalitarian thug that’s willing to stoop to the lowest levels of chaos and discord in order to maintain control and power over others.

This obviously is a metaphor for the worst that “religion” and the human spirit has to offer.  But it’s also a metaphor for authoritarianism, the “establishment perspective” in society, and the “oligarchical principle” of human culture over time in world history.  It’s a vision of life that fails to mind the freedom and dignity of other people in the world, that fails to take into account their consciences, their needs, their autonomy in favor of the elite view of civilization.

We see the fruits of this negative ‘god’ metaphor all about us in human experience through wars over religion, intolerance of others’ beliefs, and so forth.  We see it in the Rwandan genocide.  We’ve seen it in the oppressive regimes of Kim Jong-il and Kim Il Sung in North Korea.  We’ve seen in the Medieval Crusades, and the Spanish Inquisition.  … We’ve seen too much of it.

The time’s come to embrace something greater and better for ourselves in the world.  The spirit of humanism and liberal humanitarianism represents the best that humanity has to offer.  And it shines forth not only in the likes of modern humanists like Bertrand Russell and George Bernard Shaw, but in earlier philosophers and sages of the past like Socrates, Confucius, and Lao Tse.  It’s mastheads are the likes of Salman Rushdie, and in Ghandi, Nehru, and Mandela.

There’s a better way to live in human society.  We just need to be willing to set this ‘god’ of oligarchy and authoritarian values aside to do it.  For, if we don’t, we will be “struck down.”

Modern technology’s given us the ability to make “miracles” happen.  But it also contains the seeds of our own destruction (think thermonuclear warfare and armaments we have for waging it).  In the hands of this self-destructive potential we have for harming ourselves as human beings, we turn this “wrath of ‘god’” upon ourselves.

It’s time we choose a surer course instead, by taking on the “better angels of our nature” to quote from Abraham Lincoln and to reference the book by Steven Pinker of the same name.


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