Our Choice …

26 Oct

So our choice is simple, do we choose a “Life Driven Purpose” or have the basis of our lives be determined by the mercies of a “Totalitarian God?” Do we choose the “path of the future” and the promise of our potential, or sink back into the “mire of the past” with its nightmares.  … Our decision!  Let’s hope we can make the right choice on this matter, because if we can’t we may not have any “future” left.



Life Driven Purpose – Sep 17

Posted by InspirationalFreethought.

Contrary to what silly preachers like Rick Warren say, our lives are not driven by a divine, imposed purpose from above. Rather, as Dan Barker says, we have a purpose that arises from the circumstances and experience of life itself, a “Life Driven Purpose.”

“There is more to the world that I can ever experience, by a wide margin.”


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