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“In GOD We Trust?” No! …

12 Nov

In “God We Trust?” …  No!  (Down with the Establishment Perspective of Society and the State)



Is atheism a religion?*  I think it’s a fair thing to say that it’s not by any normal standard we’d use to define “religion” and “a-theism” (the lack thereof … of “religion”, “gods”, and “faith.”)

However, if this commonsense understanding is not applied … If a standard of “atheism” and “belief” is being used here outside of these norms, then perhaps you could say “atheism” is “religious” by some stretch of the imagination; that is, if we’re taking this discussion into the realm of metaphor and hyperbole.

Here’s my point.  Even minus the existence of “supernaturalism” and “metaphysics” from our world, our view of that world is colored by culture and the irrational impulses of our psyches.  We can’t “see the world as it is”, but merely substitute one view-screen for another … a contemporary, secular commercialized lens (grounded in our receptiveness to marketing) for a pre-Modern faith-based one rooted in superstition and the archetypal motifs of the early human mind and evolved primate brain.

We haven’t dispensed with ‘religion’ in modern secular society.  All we’ve done is replaced “Plato’s Cave” with the view-screen of Big Brother in George Orwell’s 1984.

Our “religion” in today’s society is “The Establishment”/the “establishment paradigm” of society.  Our “faith” is a ‘belief’ in the “State” and “state-based” structures.  Noam Chomsky is rightOur religion – as is Sam Harris’ and Christopher Hitchens’ –  “is the State.”**

It’s time that we as atheists and non-believers dispensed with this relic of our religious past.   It’s time we removed this last vestige of religiosity from our midst’s in a cultural and social psychological sense.

Down with the statist paradigm and the idea that the establishmentarian society can do no wrong no matter what.  Down with the idea that its view (as typified by commercialism and commodification) is the correct and “real” view of “reality” (AKA the “way things actually are in the world”) just because it doesn’t sanction any outright belief in gods, demons, or other supernatural forces.  It is as illusory and faith-based as the other is.  It is as much a figment of our human imaginings as Athena popping out of the head of Zeus in Greek mythology or Moses literally parting the Red Sea in the Bible.

It’s time we really became the A-theists we profess ourselves to be, dispensing with the idols of statism, establishment values, and obeisance to them once and for all.

“In God we Trust?”  No!  We believe in the power of people to make a better world for themselves without the need for any GOD, KING, or “GREAT LEADER”*** shepherding them along the way.


* This is taken from a post/discussion I read on The Thinking Atheist‘s facebook site on November 3rd of this year;  re: the Youtube video “Why Atheism is Not a Religion (A Ham-fisted Explanation“)

** Apologies to my fellow nonbelievers.  But in this instance, my sympathies are more with Chomsky and Chris Hedges than they are with Harris and Christopher Hitchens, who end up making excuses for “atrocities” [committed] “in the name of our own state” against people, be it in terms of aggressive interventionist war policy in the Middle East or humanitarian abuses like state-sponsored torture with the supposed good in mind of protecting us from terrorists. … Other than that, I still regard Hitchens and Harris with a great deal of respect as thinkers and advocates for the Atheist position, even if I don’t agree with them on coercive interrogation methods or the manner in which they believe “we” as a nation must combat Islamofascism abroad.

*** This is a reference to Hitchen’s own analogy where he compares the statist totalitarianism of North Korea’s former leaders to the supernatural totalitarianism of Christianity; Heaven as a “celestial North Korea” with the “Great Leader” [God the Father] and His Son [the “Dear Leader”].