Power to the Freethinkers

2 Dec

Power to the People; Power to the Freethinkers; Power to the Freely-Thinking 99%


I thought I’d show this to people on the blog here.  Two share-posts I made to The Thinking Atheist’s Facebook Site a couple of days ago.  Thought they catch people’s interest here.  If they do, please “like” and “comment” below.  Please share.  Thanks.



Good graphic.  So when religion tells us that we can remove the ups and downs from life, or at least mute them enough for us so we won’t feel life’s pinch, does that mean religion is really deadening us to the reality of our world? Because, if it is, then understand there’s a price for accepting that.  Not only do you numb away pain and suffering.  You take away life’s excitement also, and that leaves us as good as dead.  … Yes, you guessed it, religion leaves us zombies.  Thanks to the Occupy Wall St. Facebook Page for sharing this photo.  It’s a gem.



Thought you’d like to see this one too for the way they’re playing on the “religion” concept. …

Me?  I prefer being a Freethinking non-believer, thank you very much. Money, as a system of control over us, should have as much power over our lives as Odin, Zeus, and Jehovah.  … That is, zilch!

So, sorry, Big Money/Establishment guys, I chose not to belong to your Money-based religion.  Take your corporate-influence and use it to line your own coffins, I mean coffers.  Power to the people! Power to the freely-thinking 99%.

Mammon can go the way of Hades:




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