Religion Won’t “Save Us”

2 Dec

Religion is not Going to Save us from the New World Order; People standing Together as the 99% Will …


For All the Haters Commenting In the Last Post*, Please pull your heads out of the sand.  Is All This Just A Big Coincidence too? — with Jose Escamilla, Massimiliano Begotti, Jeff Bones Holder and 20 others.”

– Facebook Status, Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, November 17th, 2012


To the conspiracy people out there in World Wide Web Land, and in particular the People on the CTW J.V. Facebook Site:

So, if the New World Order is itself another form of religionism**, then why would we possibly think that traditional “religion” is somehow going to save us from it.***  Religion won’t save us from the Establishment or from some sort of Globalist Conspiracy by Elites.  If anything, it’s part and parcel of that System we’re railing against.

What will save us from the System?  People standing together.  People who, in embracing the best of their humanity, are not afraid to stand up against the Establishment and fight for what they believe is right.  People who, in a spirit of secular values, are not afraid to question belief systems for fear they’ll give offense or rock the boat on society’s status-quo for “what is” and what “has to be” in life, or what others’ insist must be the “dictate of heaven.” … People, who in embracing the best of humanitarian values and humanist principles, will no longer stand by as authoritarian and totalitarian forces in the world conspire together to force a ‘godly’ or ‘heavenly’ order down our throats as they carry our world to hell in a hand basket.

That’s what will save us.  The Power of the People, the Power of the 99% in solidarity. … Not “religion” and not “religious values.”

WE will SAVE US.

It’s just that simple.



These Bills Were Designed and Printed WAY BEFORE 9/11.  It is a part of the New World Order’s Religion to warn us through Cryptic means of their agenda, and to submerge us in their satanic symbology. Editors Notes: They think you are too Naive, Lazy, & Entertained with Fluff to Understand, or too Scared of the Truth, to begin to comprehend and Take action. It has already been admitted that there is Illuminati/Masonic symbolism on our money, yet most still remain in denial of the facts when faced with them. Maybe all their subconscious pre-programming has worked? You tell me.”

MY COMMENT:  Much of this is just silly.  Yes, there’s this symbolism on our money.  Yes, it’s the whole Illuminati, Masonic deal, etc. But were they foreshadowing 911?  Predicting it?  Indicating they were going to pull it off under the guise of an Osama Bin Laden attack on the World Trade Center?  … How can you even determine that as opposed to the much more plausible psychological interpretation that we are are overlaying our own experiences and interpretation of what took place on 911 onto this already existing symbolism, and filtering what we see on these bills through it?

I have no argument about there being a New World Order agenda on the part of globalist elite and the multinational corporate establishment.  No problems with you on that count.  … It exists. But we don’t need to add extra fantastical elements into the picture to know we need to understand and counter this Establishment perspective, its influence, and its plans on society.  You do it in the manner I outlined above; not in positing some metaphysical, quasi-religious aspects to their agenda, or to ours in fighting it. That’s my view on the situation.

** See:!/photo.php?fbid=10151171673956446&set=a.10150891164271446.416309.190824176445&type=1&theater

*** See:!/photo.php?fbid=10151176193241446&set=a.10150159086846446.293918.190824176445&type=1&theater



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