How about making Chopra an “honorary sufi sheik?”

17 Dec

How about Making Chopra an “honorary sufi sheik?”


Fascinating idea. But I have a better idea.  How about making Deepak Chopra (or the Dalai Lama for that matter) “honorary sufi sheik(s)?” … LOL … 

Seems that’s where science/mysticism related work is headed these days anyway with syncretized faith systems and mushy one-world, new-world-order, new age religion.  That’s why it makes better sense to have your leadership on social justice issues and humanitarian-spirituality come from a Gandhi or a King.  They just don’t carry the same sort of silly mumbo-jumbo or New Age-style baggage with them as much as these others.

So where’s a far left-leaning, anti-Establishment, secularist to go in an enlightened revolution of buddha-led progressives?  Not far I guess; which is why you don’t put “enlightened” revolutionaries in charge of left-liberal movements.

It’s a shame, but I think we’re condemned to multiple-leader movements on the Left and in terms of our progressive activism.   The Chomskys, Vidals – they provide the intellectual heft of the total movementHedges, the activist- journalistic angle, and for spirituality: an MLK.

A (Coordinated) Movement-of-movements.  That’s where we need to go to take on the Establishment.



Making Chomsky an honorary sufi sheik? Your move. I am not a sufi myself

Posted in General at 12:28 pm by nemo

The idea of a communist sufism would demand real leadership from someone qualified to do that in an exotic and original way, navigating the dangerous shoals of two complex cultural complexes. I cannot do that myself, becaue I am not a sufi, and am unwelcome in sufi circles. A pity, I know more about sufism than most sufis. But real sufism is quite rare, although, never having been in an Islamic country, I can’t say for sure. Go and read The Gurdjieff Con, and you will see why I won’t be promoting communist sufism any time soon. At the same time, it is possible and right to do that anyway, as a discussion. It is totally unfair for sufism to be hijacked by reactionaries, witness the fascist echoes in Gurdjieff et al.

Making Chomsky an honorary sufi sheik? Terrible idea, no? Uh-oh. But go ahead, and try it. Great. You might destroy Chomsky in the process. The idea was pressed on me by various people who dislike me but like my idea, not wanting me to have anything to do with. Thanks alot. I suggested making Zizek a sufi, half humorously. But it is a dangerous business. My point perhaps was that sufis have deeply penetrated the cultures in that South European zone.  Keep in mind these people are not theists, and would get in trouble forthwith in that culture (as would sufis, who tend to hide behind orthodoxy). As for being a sheik, Chomsky has no knowledge of sufism, nor do most sufis.

Go look at Avatar: the scifi people have rediscovered something sufis appear to know, in a way that they hide deeply. Soul creation, so-called. It has nothing to do with the technology nonsense in the movie. These statements are confusing, because almost all humans on this planet have already experienced some form of soul-creation. Maybe a few holdouts in the Borneo highlands (but they could be more advanced than we are). But the sufi version is mysterious, the lore of the completed man, and constitutes real sufism. I have no real place in any of that. Any sufi sheik needs a deep knowledge to work with people, and it is even harder with non-Moslems. Is the question hopeless? I fear Islamic sufis would peddle a fake to western communists and have a good laugh.

My point was that there is absolutely no reason why sufism can’t be a radicalism in motion, even along the lines of marxism. Marxism has been denounced by reactionary sufis, but they have no grounds for such an attitude. As I have noted, original buddhism was a revolutionary movement, though not in the sense we use the term now. But marxism is unnecesary cast in the form of atheism and materialism, which throws religionists out of whack. It has nothing to do necessarily with the economic critique of Marx.

Leftists might forget about ‘sufism’ and simply work with Moslems and sufis. At the right moment the sufi epiphany might come.

2 Responses to “How about making Chopra an “honorary sufi sheik?””

  1. dianoilogos December 18, 2012 at 1:05 am #

    No “confusion” here. I was being sarcastic when I made the point. For why, if you’re going to make someone who’s ethnically Jewish and an atheist an “honorary sufi sheik”, wouldn’t you also or more so do it for someone who’s a new age guru? … This was actually a dig on the enlightened revolutionaries concept, since if we’re going to pull rabbits out of our hat (magic anyone?) and induct someone into sufism, who’s clearly not sufi or muslim, and will never be, then why not do it with anybody? And especially why not do it with a non-muslim practioner of TM and Ayurveda? A real “magician” if you will with his whole science mysticism/quantum consciousness routine. One who I think would be a darling among hip leftists, say if a Tony Robbins couldn’t be “booked” for it. … Anyway, I’ll be glad to “drop it”. I still think a new MLK/Gandhi would be good for the progressive movement and the revolution of the 99% moving forward over and above any of these other gurus, new agers, or otherwise. But honestly, I’m not sure we’re going to get one. Maybe we still will. Who knows? Nuff said. (I made my point and said my piece about it) Take or leave it from there, and move with other topics if you’d like. But I thought it worth mentioning.


  1. Darwiniana » More on chomsky and sufi sheiks - December 17, 2012

    […] Another pingback and confused posts from Luke: so, Luke, this discussion is starting to go sideways, let’s drop it. We have both missed the point here. To answer your question Chopra and the Dalai Lama have no leftistt credentials, and aren’t moslems. The original suggestion to make Chomsky a sufi sheik was from an anonymous, probably, moslem source. Since that source knows that sufi sheiks are all moslems, the suggestion was evidenntly not serious, but to make a point: 1. it was a slap in the face at sufi conservatives 2. it was a hope that a liberal/left sufism might come into existene.. 3. most of all, sent to me, it was a slap in the face at E.J.Gold, the notoriouus ‘jewish’ sufi sheik (psuedo) who has so discredited sufis that Islamic sufis are frustrated at the discredit thrown on their tradition by a Jew. Gold’s brand of sufism is a queer horror, with nazi esotericism, Crowleyan black magic which he uses on the unsuspectint among his students, and gosh knows what other things in the closet. A number of his followers aree plain dishonest. He makes Hubbard look like a choir boy. To be fair, as antisemites gasp, this mode of sufism came to the west with Gurdjieff. Gold ripped it off and declared himself a sufi sheik, with no known source, teacher, or school credentials that can be verified. […]

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