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Citizen Journalism Versus the Establishment: RT Interviews Luke Rudkowski

18 Dec

Citizen Journalism Versus the Establishment:  Russia Today Interview with ‘We Are Change’s‘ Luke Rudkowski


Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change on RT discussing the mainstream media, society’s problems, and what is needed to fix them.  Take a look.  This isn’t an endorsement of either WRC or Rudkowski, and I don’t agree with them on everything; nevertheless their work as citizen activists and independent journalists is essential given what’s going on in today’s society. Great interview by the way. RT and Anastasia Churkina did a superb job with it. I hope you like it.


The Aquarian Revolution is Over …

18 Dec

The Aquarian Revolution is Over; Time for a People’s Age to Begin


The Aquarian Revolution is defunct; time for a new, anti-Establishment, People’s Revolution to take on the New World Order.  A Revolution of the 99%, not of the elitists. … And one that actually serves people’s needs, not the desire of oligarchs to use popular movements and activism to serve their own globalist ends.  That’s the real kind of progress we need in the world.  Time for the oligarchy to step aside, and for a new People’s Age to begin that gets us beyond these tired expressions of religionism, elitism, and establishment values.

Totalitarianism isn’t anything new.  It’s the same old Leviathan of Tyranny we faced in the past, just with a new regrown set of heads.  Let’s stop this hydra once and for all, and then maybe a real “new” Age can begin – a new chapter in human history where we’ve set aside the trappings of this so-called ‘godly’ oligarchical order for good.

That’s our real revolution, and the real turning point now in human events.  Will we do it or will we fail?  The future’s in our hands.  It’s just a question now of whether we’re courageous enough to take the next step.

Are we?   You decide! …

New Age Mystical Experiences. MK-Ultra?

14 Dec

New Age Mystical Experiences. MK-Ultra Mind Control?

I’m a secularist.  I don’t go in for the more far fetched of conspiracy theory, but there’s reason for thinking the spiritual phenomena of new age spirituality and mysticism are hallucinatory and the products of induced-mass psychosis.  What glibly has been called “Mind Control” in conspiracy theory circles.

Nothing secretive or special about it; these states can be incubated and fertilized through the most ordinary and innocuous of means – TV, music, etc. – and we’re chocked full of such stimuli in today’s society.

So are New Age mystical experiences the product of MKUltra -style mind control by the CIA and the Illuminati?  Who knows?

I’m not sure they are and, really, I don’t think they are.  But they may not need to be to work their effect on people and society.   All that’s needed is for there to be enough of this stimuli in the mix of the public discourse to bring on these kinds of experiences and precipitate such phenomena; no puppet-masters pulling strings required.

Gurus Still Won’t Save Us (But Maybe a Gandhi Will)

11 Dec

Revolutionary Buddhas and the Holy Grail of Enlightenment:  Gurus Still Won’t Save Us (But Maybe a Gandhi Will)


“We had a pingback from Luke’s blog commenting on our buddha post, which I will comment on further. I welcome a challenge to this idea, which was intended as provocative. I think Luke has missed the point. Noone has been more critical of gurus than me/us here. At the same time, although criticizing gurus (check out The Gurdjieff Con), I have praised and exempted known enlightened men from this critique. ”

Actually, I don’t think I have “missed the point.”  The point … The “real” point … is that searching for an enlightened buddha is nigh-on impossible, and not even just “unlikely” at this point.  So, don’t go looking for enlightened buddhas; you’ll only end up being shafted by huckster gurus with their new age nonsense.  If you must, be your own buddha and avoid all other sufi-types and guru-groupies like the plague when they start peddling their metaphysics on you.  You don’t even need to accept the metaphysics they hock in mysticism circles to be this kind of a ‘buddha’ we want.  All you need to do is open your eyes, and open your ears, to the world around you.  That’s all.

Metaphysically-defined, -geared “enlightenment” is a farce.   New Age mysticism is a farce.  Might as well be some New World Order con job on people to re-accept magical thinking about the world and Old World religions, dumbing people down and putting them to sleep [thus subjugating them as docile sheep to the Establishment, globalist elites, and Illuminati hacks] … as all it does, is end up muddying clear thinking about reality on legitimate scientific, humanitarian-humanistic, and philosophical grounds.  It’s a control mechanism, and people don’t need controlling.  They need to be able to think for themselves and on their own terms, not those of gurus, so-called ‘enlightened’ monks, priests, swamis, and/or any other such sectarian agency of the ruling class.  People don’t need to be ruled by this oligarchy, either through its secular organs or via its religious functionaries; they don’t need to be dominated by those who believe they’re acting on behalf of a ‘godly order’ [which is what in fact the Oligarchical Principle constitutes in the world](to reference the term used by the LaRouche movement for the Globalist Establishment and its functions in history). They need to be free of it, and be able to act independently of such institutions in society, and collectively for the betterment of human affairs.

A “New Age”/”Great Awakening”-type religious revival? … We don’t need that in today’s world [or in modern life anymore].  We need real solutions to the world’s problems and the real leaders in the moral sense to help point us in that direction (i.e., the right direction moving forward for society).  Real Leaders:  MLK, Malcolm X, Gandhi; not these guru-magicians masquerading as “buddhas” and burning people all along the way.  I’m sorry, but I’ll take the spiritual leadership of a Gandhi, a King, or a Malcolm over that of a Rajneesh/Osho [or any such guru-type] any day.  These gurus:  they just don’t have a good track record in life and in the history of human experience; go figure.

Walk the coals, ‘Drink the Kool-Aid’reap the results … That’s not the path to change.  Follow in the steps of King, et al, and you’ll be on the real road to change.

Not to give offense to Buddhists or others from Eastern faiths … But I too have a ‘bad feeling’ … a bad feeling about the New Age movement and its project(s) in the contemporary world.  And I believe I have as much a right to my own bad feelings on it for its current play on ‘science mysticism’ as others would over reductionist scientism and the secular humanist enterprise.  Apologies if I’m getting the movement wrong, but it all smacks of a ploy → repackage the old occult religions so moderns will blithely accept them and eventually accept the oligarchical structure that lies behind them (and in fact all religionism in the world).

I’m sorry, but that’s not what we need.  We need the ‘enlightenment’ of modern humanists and humanitarians.  And the sooner we get it the better. Climate change, nuclear proliferation … we’re on the countdown to real trouble in the world.  Through the leadership of a Mandela-type or others, we have a chance to stem the tide of such calamities before they wreak utter devastation on us.  We’re not going to get that from the Chopra crowd.  Not even close.  We don’t need to just “imagine” the world to be a better place, so that it might “magically appear” as we wished it to be … We need to work for that change to make such a future happen.

Sorry Deepak, “quantum consciousness” isn’t going to cut it.  We’re going to need a movement of the 99% walking together and behind a King or a Gandhi to enact this change.  No guru or mystic man from any ashram praying against it will hold back this tide.  But people working together will do it.  That way, we really will “be the change we wish to see in the world.” (Popular quote attributed to Gandhi)

That’s the “change” we need and the “enlightenment” we need.  All else is nonsense, damnable nonsense, and we’re pretty close to damning ourselves with it, by our own hand.

It’s time we “woke up”, and changed the world for the better.  For then and only then will our “enlightenment” count for anything.  “Enlightenment” under any other pretenses is a pipe-dream. We don’t need dreams that fade away with the dawn.  We need “dreams” we can make a “reality.”

That’s our mission.  That’s the real “revolution” before us.  It’s time that revolution emerged and shook the GLOBAL ESTABLISHMENT to its knees.

Religion Won’t “Save Us”

2 Dec

Religion is not Going to Save us from the New World Order; People standing Together as the 99% Will …


For All the Haters Commenting In the Last Post*, Please pull your heads out of the sand.  Is All This Just A Big Coincidence too? — with Jose Escamilla, Massimiliano Begotti, Jeff Bones Holder and 20 others.”

– Facebook Status, Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, November 17th, 2012


To the conspiracy people out there in World Wide Web Land, and in particular the People on the CTW J.V. Facebook Site:

So, if the New World Order is itself another form of religionism**, then why would we possibly think that traditional “religion” is somehow going to save us from it.***  Religion won’t save us from the Establishment or from some sort of Globalist Conspiracy by Elites.  If anything, it’s part and parcel of that System we’re railing against.

What will save us from the System?  People standing together.  People who, in embracing the best of their humanity, are not afraid to stand up against the Establishment and fight for what they believe is right.  People who, in a spirit of secular values, are not afraid to question belief systems for fear they’ll give offense or rock the boat on society’s status-quo for “what is” and what “has to be” in life, or what others’ insist must be the “dictate of heaven.” … People, who in embracing the best of humanitarian values and humanist principles, will no longer stand by as authoritarian and totalitarian forces in the world conspire together to force a ‘godly’ or ‘heavenly’ order down our throats as they carry our world to hell in a hand basket.

That’s what will save us.  The Power of the People, the Power of the 99% in solidarity. … Not “religion” and not “religious values.”

WE will SAVE US.

It’s just that simple.



These Bills Were Designed and Printed WAY BEFORE 9/11.  It is a part of the New World Order’s Religion to warn us through Cryptic means of their agenda, and to submerge us in their satanic symbology. Editors Notes: They think you are too Naive, Lazy, & Entertained with Fluff to Understand, or too Scared of the Truth, to begin to comprehend and Take action. It has already been admitted that there is Illuminati/Masonic symbolism on our money, yet most still remain in denial of the facts when faced with them. Maybe all their subconscious pre-programming has worked? You tell me.”

MY COMMENT:  Much of this is just silly.  Yes, there’s this symbolism on our money.  Yes, it’s the whole Illuminati, Masonic deal, etc. But were they foreshadowing 911?  Predicting it?  Indicating they were going to pull it off under the guise of an Osama Bin Laden attack on the World Trade Center?  … How can you even determine that as opposed to the much more plausible psychological interpretation that we are are overlaying our own experiences and interpretation of what took place on 911 onto this already existing symbolism, and filtering what we see on these bills through it?

I have no argument about there being a New World Order agenda on the part of globalist elite and the multinational corporate establishment.  No problems with you on that count.  … It exists. But we don’t need to add extra fantastical elements into the picture to know we need to understand and counter this Establishment perspective, its influence, and its plans on society.  You do it in the manner I outlined above; not in positing some metaphysical, quasi-religious aspects to their agenda, or to ours in fighting it. That’s my view on the situation.

** See:!/photo.php?fbid=10151171673956446&set=a.10150891164271446.416309.190824176445&type=1&theater

*** See:!/photo.php?fbid=10151176193241446&set=a.10150159086846446.293918.190824176445&type=1&theater