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Facebook Page

2 Dec

To my blog readers, WordPress audience, and follow bloggers.  I have a facebook page up at!/Dianoilogos. I invite you all to take a look, subscribe, and/or send me a friend request there, and I’ll sign you on.  Thanks.

Luke Rondinaro, DIANOILOGOS

Welcome to Dianoilogos

3 Feb

Welcome to Dianoilogos …

Dianoilogos – “Understanding-Words”,“Words-in-Understanding”

Welcome to the new Dianoilogos blog.  Here’s where I’ll be posting commentary on social and political issues, academic concerns, and similar topics in the news.   For my other blog where I explore intellectual concepts through flowcharts and diagrams, please see Dianoeidos.

As always, feel free to leave any substantive feedback in the comments section below or write to me at for more extended comments.

Thank you.