Inspiration is for Everyone

11 Dec

Inspiration is for Everyone (Not Just for the Gifted Few)


“What I really want to say is that we should have a sense of humility and an acknowledgment that inspirational freethought is a luxury. It’s an unfortunate fact of the world that optimism and hope isn’t possible for everyone. Rather than trying to impose happiness and hope on others based on some limited perspective, the fact that hope is scarce in the world should drive us to do something about it.”


Calling “Inspiration” a “Privilege”

This is concerning to me.  Yes, not everyone has the opportunity to truly appreciate a sunrise, listen to beautiful music, or revel in the sights and sounds of nature.  That’s true.  But saying inspiration is a “privilege.”  It just doesn’t set well.

A Privilege.  From Whom?  For What?  And to Whom?

My problem is the word “privilege” and what it connotes.  Inspiration (and its sister idea, appreciation) isn’t something endowed from on high.  It’s something everyone should be able to enjoy (even if they can’t always given their particular circumstances in life).

But to say it’s a privilege indicates some special people are being gifted with it, while the rest of the poor folks in the world aren’t.

I’m not sure I buy that.  It’s not about the endowed betters of humanity getting something the rest of the unwashed masses in society aren’t. It’s more about such individuals having the occasion to partake of something we all (to a greater or lesser extent) have equal access to in life from birth by/through our common humanity and our shared human nature.

And while it is true some have greater means to it than others, this isn’t a reflection on their being a better quality of person than other people.  It’s more a question of whether they’re able to more easily access it than other people of lesser means due to socioeconomic status, physical or metal limitations, or other extenuating circumstances.

That’s all. Nothing to do whatsoever with life doling out its ‘blessings‘ to gifted elites and by unequal means to the so-called privileged few of the world.

Inspiration is for everyone.  But if we want to ensure everyone has equal access to it, we need to make sure the society is structured in a way everyone can adequately avail themselves of that blessing and the opportunity to appreciate the world in all its wonders regardless of whether they’re rich or poor,geniuses or not, etc.

Otherwise, this “privilege” … It’s just hollow and empty.  And if that’s what “inspiration” really entails, who needs it anyway.  The elites of the world are welcome to keep it to themselves.  The rest of us will get by without it.

Haven’t we learned the lesson of Dr. Seuss’s “The Sneetches yet?  … Guess not.  Too bad.   It’s to our own [bad] credit as a society and as human beings in the world that we haven’t.

We can do better. But until we fix the problems in our society, will we?  That’s the question!  Our choice is before us.  Which way will we turn?

Gurus Still Won’t Save Us (But Maybe a Gandhi Will)

11 Dec

Revolutionary Buddhas and the Holy Grail of Enlightenment:  Gurus Still Won’t Save Us (But Maybe a Gandhi Will)


“We had a pingback from Luke’s blog commenting on our buddha post, which I will comment on further. I welcome a challenge to this idea, which was intended as provocative. I think Luke has missed the point. Noone has been more critical of gurus than me/us here. At the same time, although criticizing gurus (check out The Gurdjieff Con), I have praised and exempted known enlightened men from this critique. ”

Actually, I don’t think I have “missed the point.”  The point … The “real” point … is that searching for an enlightened buddha is nigh-on impossible, and not even just “unlikely” at this point.  So, don’t go looking for enlightened buddhas; you’ll only end up being shafted by huckster gurus with their new age nonsense.  If you must, be your own buddha and avoid all other sufi-types and guru-groupies like the plague when they start peddling their metaphysics on you.  You don’t even need to accept the metaphysics they hock in mysticism circles to be this kind of a ‘buddha’ we want.  All you need to do is open your eyes, and open your ears, to the world around you.  That’s all.

Metaphysically-defined, -geared “enlightenment” is a farce.   New Age mysticism is a farce.  Might as well be some New World Order con job on people to re-accept magical thinking about the world and Old World religions, dumbing people down and putting them to sleep [thus subjugating them as docile sheep to the Establishment, globalist elites, and Illuminati hacks] … as all it does, is end up muddying clear thinking about reality on legitimate scientific, humanitarian-humanistic, and philosophical grounds.  It’s a control mechanism, and people don’t need controlling.  They need to be able to think for themselves and on their own terms, not those of gurus, so-called ‘enlightened’ monks, priests, swamis, and/or any other such sectarian agency of the ruling class.  People don’t need to be ruled by this oligarchy, either through its secular organs or via its religious functionaries; they don’t need to be dominated by those who believe they’re acting on behalf of a ‘godly order’ [which is what in fact the Oligarchical Principle constitutes in the world](to reference the term used by the LaRouche movement for the Globalist Establishment and its functions in history). They need to be free of it, and be able to act independently of such institutions in society, and collectively for the betterment of human affairs.

A “New Age”/”Great Awakening”-type religious revival? … We don’t need that in today’s world [or in modern life anymore].  We need real solutions to the world’s problems and the real leaders in the moral sense to help point us in that direction (i.e., the right direction moving forward for society).  Real Leaders:  MLK, Malcolm X, Gandhi; not these guru-magicians masquerading as “buddhas” and burning people all along the way.  I’m sorry, but I’ll take the spiritual leadership of a Gandhi, a King, or a Malcolm over that of a Rajneesh/Osho [or any such guru-type] any day.  These gurus:  they just don’t have a good track record in life and in the history of human experience; go figure.

Walk the coals, ‘Drink the Kool-Aid’reap the results … That’s not the path to change.  Follow in the steps of King, et al, and you’ll be on the real road to change.

Not to give offense to Buddhists or others from Eastern faiths … But I too have a ‘bad feeling’ … a bad feeling about the New Age movement and its project(s) in the contemporary world.  And I believe I have as much a right to my own bad feelings on it for its current play on ‘science mysticism’ as others would over reductionist scientism and the secular humanist enterprise.  Apologies if I’m getting the movement wrong, but it all smacks of a ploy → repackage the old occult religions so moderns will blithely accept them and eventually accept the oligarchical structure that lies behind them (and in fact all religionism in the world).

I’m sorry, but that’s not what we need.  We need the ‘enlightenment’ of modern humanists and humanitarians.  And the sooner we get it the better. Climate change, nuclear proliferation … we’re on the countdown to real trouble in the world.  Through the leadership of a Mandela-type or others, we have a chance to stem the tide of such calamities before they wreak utter devastation on us.  We’re not going to get that from the Chopra crowd.  Not even close.  We don’t need to just “imagine” the world to be a better place, so that it might “magically appear” as we wished it to be … We need to work for that change to make such a future happen.

Sorry Deepak, “quantum consciousness” isn’t going to cut it.  We’re going to need a movement of the 99% walking together and behind a King or a Gandhi to enact this change.  No guru or mystic man from any ashram praying against it will hold back this tide.  But people working together will do it.  That way, we really will “be the change we wish to see in the world.” (Popular quote attributed to Gandhi)

That’s the “change” we need and the “enlightenment” we need.  All else is nonsense, damnable nonsense, and we’re pretty close to damning ourselves with it, by our own hand.

It’s time we “woke up”, and changed the world for the better.  For then and only then will our “enlightenment” count for anything.  “Enlightenment” under any other pretenses is a pipe-dream. We don’t need dreams that fade away with the dawn.  We need “dreams” we can make a “reality.”

That’s our mission.  That’s the real “revolution” before us.  It’s time that revolution emerged and shook the GLOBAL ESTABLISHMENT to its knees.

Gurus Won’t Save US …

6 Dec

Guru’s Won’t Save US; Real Leaders (with Real Leadership) Will


Help Wanted: enlightened buddha, ultra far left: communist Posted in General at 3:01 pm by nemo

“The invisible spiritual domain is getting desperate. Look at the situation: the entire political class can’t even discuss global warming.   This link series records a series of garbled noise band intimations I have been getting for over a year. The whale theme is, well, disinfo, charming, but what does it mean?:

I never figured out what it meant.  I think they were checking me out, but I am too old and feckless. Or else simply a message link. We have posted on a potential Xtian ultra left religious communism, but Xtians are too stuck in their confusions here.  I have never considered a similar idea for buddhists, because buddhism is almost defunct, and controlled by reactionaries, and in America the danger is real, after Rajneesh, of assassination and a movement that has nearly done away with enlightenment.  But some mysterious spiritual force is looking for American born ultra radicals very close to enlightenment. You can see the idea emerging in Rajneesh.  American buddhists might start by dropping out of organizational links, going into mega-meditation sessions (but skip forced methods like gautama’s vow to not rise til…), (or else the ‘lazy man’s guide to enlightenment method, doing nothing, no rules apply), and a novel, intelligent, non-dogmatic, notion of spiritual communism, social, cultural, or revolutionary political. The Rajneesh commune is a starting idea. But I think what is wanted is a political movement, working with communist, neo-communist cadres. That is to say a revolutionary buddha. Very few people near enlightenment would dare to do that. Needs a spiritually advanced hothead. Tibetan Buddhists will try to stop you,so this is not ‘buddhism’, but the way to a new religion.  We may be out of time for this. Too bad. It needs to happen now. Start to explore the whale theme, and see if anything arrives. And check out five, ten, twelve hour meditations, or, via the lazy man’s guide to enlightenment, intelligent couch potato indirect approaches. You can also just jump in an help.”


No, an “enlightened buddha” isn’t going to help us get out of this mess.  Can’t do it, won’t do it.

The most we’re going to get out of the business is a Deepak Chopra, new age hucksters selling their wares, and an all-too-unsettling realization that gurus of any stripe will only muddy the discourse for change and what we need to do to bring it about.

To our more temporary readers here on DIANOILOGOS: please see, and for further background and information on this issue.

Gurus aren’t going to cut it here. …  So what will?  Who will?  … Real leaders who understand the crisis and who can provide real leadership on the matter, not just metaphysicalisms for us to reassure- ourselves-by through the trouble.  And, by real leadership, I mean from people who understand both the greater ‘spiritual’ dimensions of the problem and its more practical implications.

Who are these leaders?  Not Chopra.  Not the gurus.  But social activists and humanitarian leaders who by their personal examples show us the way forward on environmental affairs, social issues, and the like.  So, who do we draw from here? … People like Gandhi, Mandela, and King, and others like A. Philip Randolph and Malcolm X, to name a few, their students and/or others in their tradition of social advocacy … That is to say, anyone and everyone with enough personal gravitas, practical wisdom, and social understanding to push for change, and who understands it both for the difference it makes in peoples lives as well as its deeper, more spiritual aspects as a driving engine of human experience.

You don’t need a professional Guru to do this; you need a Gandhi. That’s what is going to carry this revolutionary movement ahead.  Not “spiritualistic” platitudes and mystical nonsense, but honest to goodness leadership on the issues that matter.

Anything else only ingratiates the gurus in question, and leaves change unaccomplished.  We don’t need that in today’s world.  We need Progress, we need Change, and we need it from the people who will pull it out from us in society.  I don’t see a Deepak Chopra doing that for us.  I don’t see a Tony Robbins  doing that for us.  You only get burnedby these guru-types, or left in a kind of limbo through all their talk about “quantum consciousness” and the like.

We need a Gandhi.  And, then, maybe we’ll have the momentum to carry this program for change forward.

Facebook Page

2 Dec

To my blog readers, WordPress audience, and follow bloggers.  I have a facebook page up at!/Dianoilogos. I invite you all to take a look, subscribe, and/or send me a friend request there, and I’ll sign you on.  Thanks.

Luke Rondinaro, DIANOILOGOS

Power to the Freethinkers

2 Dec

Power to the People; Power to the Freethinkers; Power to the Freely-Thinking 99%


I thought I’d show this to people on the blog here.  Two share-posts I made to The Thinking Atheist’s Facebook Site a couple of days ago.  Thought they catch people’s interest here.  If they do, please “like” and “comment” below.  Please share.  Thanks.



Good graphic.  So when religion tells us that we can remove the ups and downs from life, or at least mute them enough for us so we won’t feel life’s pinch, does that mean religion is really deadening us to the reality of our world? Because, if it is, then understand there’s a price for accepting that.  Not only do you numb away pain and suffering.  You take away life’s excitement also, and that leaves us as good as dead.  … Yes, you guessed it, religion leaves us zombies.  Thanks to the Occupy Wall St. Facebook Page for sharing this photo.  It’s a gem.!/photo.php?fbid=451488318252481&set=a.217603604974288.57691.217514361649879&type=1&theater


Thought you’d like to see this one too for the way they’re playing on the “religion” concept. …

Me?  I prefer being a Freethinking non-believer, thank you very much. Money, as a system of control over us, should have as much power over our lives as Odin, Zeus, and Jehovah.  … That is, zilch!

So, sorry, Big Money/Establishment guys, I chose not to belong to your Money-based religion.  Take your corporate-influence and use it to line your own coffins, I mean coffers.  Power to the people! Power to the freely-thinking 99%.

Mammon can go the way of Hades:


Religion Won’t “Save Us”

2 Dec

Religion is not Going to Save us from the New World Order; People standing Together as the 99% Will …


For All the Haters Commenting In the Last Post*, Please pull your heads out of the sand.  Is All This Just A Big Coincidence too? — with Jose Escamilla, Massimiliano Begotti, Jeff Bones Holder and 20 others.”

– Facebook Status, Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, November 17th, 2012


To the conspiracy people out there in World Wide Web Land, and in particular the People on the CTW J.V. Facebook Site:

So, if the New World Order is itself another form of religionism**, then why would we possibly think that traditional “religion” is somehow going to save us from it.***  Religion won’t save us from the Establishment or from some sort of Globalist Conspiracy by Elites.  If anything, it’s part and parcel of that System we’re railing against.

What will save us from the System?  People standing together.  People who, in embracing the best of their humanity, are not afraid to stand up against the Establishment and fight for what they believe is right.  People who, in a spirit of secular values, are not afraid to question belief systems for fear they’ll give offense or rock the boat on society’s status-quo for “what is” and what “has to be” in life, or what others’ insist must be the “dictate of heaven.” … People, who in embracing the best of humanitarian values and humanist principles, will no longer stand by as authoritarian and totalitarian forces in the world conspire together to force a ‘godly’ or ‘heavenly’ order down our throats as they carry our world to hell in a hand basket.

That’s what will save us.  The Power of the People, the Power of the 99% in solidarity. … Not “religion” and not “religious values.”

WE will SAVE US.

It’s just that simple.



These Bills Were Designed and Printed WAY BEFORE 9/11.  It is a part of the New World Order’s Religion to warn us through Cryptic means of their agenda, and to submerge us in their satanic symbology. Editors Notes: They think you are too Naive, Lazy, & Entertained with Fluff to Understand, or too Scared of the Truth, to begin to comprehend and Take action. It has already been admitted that there is Illuminati/Masonic symbolism on our money, yet most still remain in denial of the facts when faced with them. Maybe all their subconscious pre-programming has worked? You tell me.”

MY COMMENT:  Much of this is just silly.  Yes, there’s this symbolism on our money.  Yes, it’s the whole Illuminati, Masonic deal, etc. But were they foreshadowing 911?  Predicting it?  Indicating they were going to pull it off under the guise of an Osama Bin Laden attack on the World Trade Center?  … How can you even determine that as opposed to the much more plausible psychological interpretation that we are are overlaying our own experiences and interpretation of what took place on 911 onto this already existing symbolism, and filtering what we see on these bills through it?

I have no argument about there being a New World Order agenda on the part of globalist elite and the multinational corporate establishment.  No problems with you on that count.  … It exists. But we don’t need to add extra fantastical elements into the picture to know we need to understand and counter this Establishment perspective, its influence, and its plans on society.  You do it in the manner I outlined above; not in positing some metaphysical, quasi-religious aspects to their agenda, or to ours in fighting it. That’s my view on the situation.

** See:!/photo.php?fbid=10151171673956446&set=a.10150891164271446.416309.190824176445&type=1&theater

*** See:!/photo.php?fbid=10151176193241446&set=a.10150159086846446.293918.190824176445&type=1&theater


“In GOD We Trust?” No! …

12 Nov

In “God We Trust?” …  No!  (Down with the Establishment Perspective of Society and the State)



Is atheism a religion?*  I think it’s a fair thing to say that it’s not by any normal standard we’d use to define “religion” and “a-theism” (the lack thereof … of “religion”, “gods”, and “faith.”)

However, if this commonsense understanding is not applied … If a standard of “atheism” and “belief” is being used here outside of these norms, then perhaps you could say “atheism” is “religious” by some stretch of the imagination; that is, if we’re taking this discussion into the realm of metaphor and hyperbole.

Here’s my point.  Even minus the existence of “supernaturalism” and “metaphysics” from our world, our view of that world is colored by culture and the irrational impulses of our psyches.  We can’t “see the world as it is”, but merely substitute one view-screen for another … a contemporary, secular commercialized lens (grounded in our receptiveness to marketing) for a pre-Modern faith-based one rooted in superstition and the archetypal motifs of the early human mind and evolved primate brain.

We haven’t dispensed with ‘religion’ in modern secular society.  All we’ve done is replaced “Plato’s Cave” with the view-screen of Big Brother in George Orwell’s 1984.

Our “religion” in today’s society is “The Establishment”/the “establishment paradigm” of society.  Our “faith” is a ‘belief’ in the “State” and “state-based” structures.  Noam Chomsky is rightOur religion – as is Sam Harris’ and Christopher Hitchens’ –  “is the State.”**

It’s time that we as atheists and non-believers dispensed with this relic of our religious past.   It’s time we removed this last vestige of religiosity from our midst’s in a cultural and social psychological sense.

Down with the statist paradigm and the idea that the establishmentarian society can do no wrong no matter what.  Down with the idea that its view (as typified by commercialism and commodification) is the correct and “real” view of “reality” (AKA the “way things actually are in the world”) just because it doesn’t sanction any outright belief in gods, demons, or other supernatural forces.  It is as illusory and faith-based as the other is.  It is as much a figment of our human imaginings as Athena popping out of the head of Zeus in Greek mythology or Moses literally parting the Red Sea in the Bible.

It’s time we really became the A-theists we profess ourselves to be, dispensing with the idols of statism, establishment values, and obeisance to them once and for all.

“In God we Trust?”  No!  We believe in the power of people to make a better world for themselves without the need for any GOD, KING, or “GREAT LEADER”*** shepherding them along the way.


* This is taken from a post/discussion I read on The Thinking Atheist‘s facebook site on November 3rd of this year;  re: the Youtube video “Why Atheism is Not a Religion (A Ham-fisted Explanation“)

** Apologies to my fellow nonbelievers.  But in this instance, my sympathies are more with Chomsky and Chris Hedges than they are with Harris and Christopher Hitchens, who end up making excuses for “atrocities” [committed] “in the name of our own state” against people, be it in terms of aggressive interventionist war policy in the Middle East or humanitarian abuses like state-sponsored torture with the supposed good in mind of protecting us from terrorists. … Other than that, I still regard Hitchens and Harris with a great deal of respect as thinkers and advocates for the Atheist position, even if I don’t agree with them on coercive interrogation methods or the manner in which they believe “we” as a nation must combat Islamofascism abroad.

*** This is a reference to Hitchen’s own analogy where he compares the statist totalitarianism of North Korea’s former leaders to the supernatural totalitarianism of Christianity; Heaven as a “celestial North Korea” with the “Great Leader” [God the Father] and His Son [the “Dear Leader”].

Our Choice …

26 Oct

So our choice is simple, do we choose a “Life Driven Purpose” or have the basis of our lives be determined by the mercies of a “Totalitarian God?” Do we choose the “path of the future” and the promise of our potential, or sink back into the “mire of the past” with its nightmares.  … Our decision!  Let’s hope we can make the right choice on this matter, because if we can’t we may not have any “future” left.


Life Driven Purpose – Sep 17

Posted by InspirationalFreethought.

Contrary to what silly preachers like Rick Warren say, our lives are not driven by a divine, imposed purpose from above. Rather, as Dan Barker says, we have a purpose that arises from the circumstances and experience of life itself, a “Life Driven Purpose.”

“There is more to the world that I can ever experience, by a wide margin.”

Disturbing …

25 Oct

Disturbing:  The Totalitarian “God” of Star Trek V:  A Metaphor for the Worst that Humanity has to Offer in Life


Are these videos disturbing to you? …  They should be! … (and they were to me the first time I saw this scene from Star Trek V: The Final Frontier).  This ‘god” here is a metaphor for the worst traits of the ‘God’ of the ‘Old Testament’ of the Bible:  a totalitarian thug that’s willing to stoop to the lowest levels of chaos and discord in order to maintain control and power over others.

This obviously is a metaphor for the worst that “religion” and the human spirit has to offer.  But it’s also a metaphor for authoritarianism, the “establishment perspective” in society, and the “oligarchical principle” of human culture over time in world history.  It’s a vision of life that fails to mind the freedom and dignity of other people in the world, that fails to take into account their consciences, their needs, their autonomy in favor of the elite view of civilization.

We see the fruits of this negative ‘god’ metaphor all about us in human experience through wars over religion, intolerance of others’ beliefs, and so forth.  We see it in the Rwandan genocide.  We’ve seen it in the oppressive regimes of Kim Jong-il and Kim Il Sung in North Korea.  We’ve seen in the Medieval Crusades, and the Spanish Inquisition.  … We’ve seen too much of it.

The time’s come to embrace something greater and better for ourselves in the world.  The spirit of humanism and liberal humanitarianism represents the best that humanity has to offer.  And it shines forth not only in the likes of modern humanists like Bertrand Russell and George Bernard Shaw, but in earlier philosophers and sages of the past like Socrates, Confucius, and Lao Tse.  It’s mastheads are the likes of Salman Rushdie, and in Ghandi, Nehru, and Mandela.

There’s a better way to live in human society.  We just need to be willing to set this ‘god’ of oligarchy and authoritarian values aside to do it.  For, if we don’t, we will be “struck down.”

Modern technology’s given us the ability to make “miracles” happen.  But it also contains the seeds of our own destruction (think thermonuclear warfare and armaments we have for waging it).  In the hands of this self-destructive potential we have for harming ourselves as human beings, we turn this “wrath of ‘god’” upon ourselves.

It’s time we choose a surer course instead, by taking on the “better angels of our nature” to quote from Abraham Lincoln and to reference the book by Steven Pinker of the same name.

(A World of) Uncreated Magnificence

24 Oct

When you live in universe of ‘chaotic’ complexity and ‘self-organization’ as science today understands these principles, you don’t need an intelligent designer to finely-tune creation. Nature and life comes to order on its own without the need for a separate designer and design.  The following two videos express this sentiment nicely.  Hope you enjoy them.